‘Hertenkamp’ was a long running, stunning, ‘sitcamp’ produced by theatre group ‘Mugmetdegoudentand’ about a very diverse group of individuals living together under one roof. Long before any of this was trendy, these 30 episodes of 25 minute tv drama tackled subjects ranging from gay marriage, mental illness to new age nudism. And all of this with a dry wit that has since then become a point of reference on Dutch tv.

Winner of a ‘Premio Ondas’ for best European comedy and a special ‘Gouden Kalf’ for best tv series in the Netherlands.

Directors: Pieter Kramer (showrunner), Antoinette Beumer and Jonathan Herman.



Following up on the succes of ‘Hertenkamp’, this 9 part, 25 minute comedy show took viewers behind the scenes of an ailing broadcasting company where producers, presenters and celebrities would stop at nothing to keep the boat afloat. Not only starring the cast of the illustrious theatre group ‘Mugmetdegoudentand’, but also a whole group of Dutch celebrities playing their own sweet selves. Many of the fake formats were actually mimicked and produced.

Directors: Jonathan Herman (showrunner) and Gerardjan Rijnders


Van God Los ‘Gran Canaria’

Single episode of the long running 50 minute tv show of which each episode is helmed by a different writer/director team. This episode is one of two that was selected to compete for a ‘Golden Kalf’ at the ‘Nederlands Film Festival’.

Cast: Susan Visser, Pierre Bokma, Theo Maassen & Sol Vinken.

Writer: Pieter Bart Korthuis

Director: Jonathan Herman



Multiple episodes of the legendary long running Dutch crime show starring Piet Römer as detective Cock, working with his assistant Vledder in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light district.