Hello and welcome to my website. There are a few Jonathan Hermans out there on the internet but I'm the one that lives in the Netherlands and earns a living making commercials and taking photographs. Some of that work can be seen here. Occasionally I also direct drama for Dutch TV.

I can bore you with a list of prizes and people I've worked with over the years but I find that rather pompous. Rest assured though that such a list would mention gold and bronze in Cannes,  various French and Dutch award ceremonies, and any other European advertising organisation that you can think of (well maybe not all of them). 

If you like my work and are interested in contacting me, feel free to contact one of the following companies or send an email to my personal address. I will get back to you.


The Netherlands: www.czar.nl

USA: www.thecornershop.tv

France: www.75.tv

Belgium: www.caviarcontent.com

Italy: www.mercuriofilm.com (priority)

Germany: www.markenfilm.de


email: jjherman@me.com


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